Meet the Hershbergers

Hello there and welcome! My name is Taylor, I am the wife and mother of the Hershberger clan. Jake is the husband and father and Oliver is the little one, and we are the Hershbergers.

Hershberger family photo

Taylor is a part-time substituting stay-at-home mom. She is a middle school science teacher at heart, type 1 diabetic, animal lover, lover of traveling, and dancer.

Jake is a software developer. He is an organist, dog lover, outdoor adventurer, and being a husband and father are some of his greatest joys.

At the time of this writing, Oliver is just short of being 6 months old. He loves ceiling fans, dogs, hanging out with mom and dad, and the outdoors.

Growing up, Jake and Taylor lived on tight budgets with their families. Now with a family of their own, they have kept what budgeting skills they learned growing up and implement them in their daily lives. We believe in finding the best in others, helping out our neighbors, and having fun all while staying on a budget. We hope you will join us as we share about our lives and travels on a budget!